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First and foremost, welcome to GeniusTV.  If you’re comfortable with how to setup an IPTV service head down below for our connection details.  If you need help with a specific device install, you can go to IPTV Setup Guides.  If you are new to everything we’ve outlined a few simple tips to get you started.

  1.  If you have not already requested your free trial you may do so by clicking here.  Gather your login information from either the trial email, or the paid subscription email.  If you do not see this email, please check your junk mail!!  We’ve tried to modify our email templates, but some times they still get marked as spam.
  2. If you’re a beginner on an android based device, we suggest using our application.  It’s easy to use and there’s not much setup involved.  Depending on the type of device you have it will need to be loaded with either the Downloader, ES File Explorer, or FireDL apps that are available on the Play Store.  Some of these apps are limited to the type of android software you have loaded on your device, so you may not see them all.  If you do not have an android device you can skip down and see if there’s an available tutorial for your device.  
  3.  Please take note that when typing in your details the username and password are both case sensitive.  If we say your password is “Peanut”, “peanut” will not work.
  4. When typing any of our URL's please make sure to type them the way you see them.
  5. JOIN OUR SUPPORT CHAT!! VITAL!! We hate to use email as a means for troubleshooting.  It’s slow and provides a bad experience for you as the consumer.  Save some time and energy and join us on our private chat that’s just for you. https://
  6. If you’re experiencing problems once you’re connected we can help.  If you are experiencing buffering please allow us to assist in adjusting your settings.  It’s rare that our entire service would buffer as it is not setup to be linked in that manner.  IPTV doesn’t always just magically work perfect for every user.  Everyone’s setup is different and may need to be modified.  Please keep this under consideration before purchasing ANY IPTV service from ANYONE.

Connection Details

Telegram Messenger App Chat Link: https://

GeniusTV Branded Smarters APK: https://u.nu/-8z6

Perfect Player
URL: http://niklabs.com/?wpdmdl=772
FireDL code: 257680
M3U: http://geniusmain.ddns.net:8080/get.php?username=XXXXXX&password=XXXXXX&type=m3u_plus&output=ts 
EPG: http://geniusmain.ddns.net:8080//xmltv.php?username=XXXXXX&password=XXXXXX 

MAG/STB Portal: http://geniusmain.ddns.net:8080/c 

Web Browser: http://player.geniustv.biz


Service Installation Instructions

If you do not see your device, don’t worry! We will help you figure it out!

Head over to the Setup Guides

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